In Home Medical Care

We provide high-quality, personalized and confidential medical care in the comfort of your own home without regards to race, color, national origin, disability or age. You will take part in the decisions that affect your health and…


Health Services

VPA patients  benefit from mobile physicians, nurse practitioners,  physician assistants and medical assistants who spend more time with them and listen more intently to their needs. It’s a top-notch in-home experience, with the addition of…


Mobile Diagnostic Testing

Visiting Physicians Association diagnostic services is accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) and the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of…


Lab Services

Visiting Physicians Association (VPA) proudly offers full-service laboratory testing, adhering to the most stringent nationals standards. VPA’s lab provides the highest quality testing that is available nationwide.




Laboratory Overview

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    Fully Licensed
    VPA’s laboratory is fully licensed as an independent laboratory under the federal Department of Health and Human Services and...
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    Full-Range Testing
    Full range chemistry testing to help manage some of the most common disease states such as: Cardiac Conditions Diabetes...